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2006 Newsletter Archive

 Update, January 2006

             I hope all is well with you!  I know it has been some time since we’ve visited, but I wanted to update you on what’s been happening.  I haven’t raced a car since racing a midget twice in May '05.  Before and since then, our pass-time has been wild caving (spelunking).  We’ve caved in numerous states and Mexico, exploring deep pits, cavernous chambers and tight crawls.  God sure put some pretty stuff down there for us to enjoy.  And speaking of Him, nowadays, we spend most of our non-work time involved in the Lord’s work with His church and on our own.  This brings me to the reason for this email.

             After 25 years service, I am retiring from Air Traffic Control at DFW Airport this coming fall.  Sharon has already retired from real estate.  Lord willing, we will be moving to Lubbock, TX to attend Sunset International Bible Institute’s preacher/missions school for the next two years.  Then, we will be off to Cambodia to do mission work in a preacher training school just established in Phnom Penh with no specific plans for moving back.  While in Lubbock, we’ll likely return to the DFW area at least once a quarter and hopefully more often as we are leaving behind two delightful grandchildren and lots of dear friends.  After our move to Cambodia, we hope to return for a visit to DFW once a year for a few weeks each time.

             There are many unknowns yet to discover.  Many of our questions will be answered in a 20-day trip we’re taking to Phnom Penh in February.  We specifically request your prayers for the effectiveness of our work while there.  I will be glad to provide more specifics of this unfolding chapter in our lives.  I wanted to keep this shorter, just to let you know generally what’s been happening, ask for your prayers, determine if you would like to keep up-to-date with how God is working His plan through us, and to let you know of our new email addresses.

             I can’t count on being able to keep our @charter.net email accounts after we sell our house so we have signed-up for free Yahoo email addresses.  Mine is JesusServant4u@yahoo.com and Sharon's is JesusWantsU2@yahoo.com.  I plan to send out periodic updates of our work and how God is using us to help others.   If you reply to this email, be sure to let me know if you would like this information emailed to you.

             We’re confident you share our joy in our being given this opportunity to serve.  God continues to overwhelm us with His blessings.  I pray He is doing the same in your life.  Please keep us in your prayers often.

 Update 1, February 2006

             A big Texas howdy to y'all from Phnom Penh, Cambodia; we pray all is well for all of you back in the States.  You are in our prayers night and day. 

             We are so delighted to be here.  It may be hard to leave!  All the brothers and sisters here say hello, both westerners and Cambodians.  The Spirit of our Lord is very busy amongst the brethren.  We have met so many delightful people.  On Saturday, our first day in Cambodia, we were treated to a visit by missionaries from Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia who are in this country to foster communication between the churches and offer support to the congregations in this area.  On Sunday, we were honored to attend 2 worship services, one, Khmer and one, English.  George gave a great sermon at the Khmer service with translation help from James, the Cambodian man who is currently in charge of the school, the Cambodia Bible Institute - (CBI).  Yesterday, classes began at CBI.  George gave the students an overview of the Bible before beginning his course on Old Testament History, part 1, Genesis thru Joshua.

             We were delighted to hear that at one of the village churches, there were 5 baptisms on Sunday.  Praise God!  It was different to not have an invitation extended after the sermon on Sunday, but I'm told it would be culturally inappropriate, as individual private study is done for conversion and baptism.  Though different, it is effective.

             The traffic here is maniac!  Motorcycles number in the thousands.  They are everywhere.  The traffic flow must be witnessed to be believed.  It is a free-for-all at every intersection with very few signal lights and no stop signs.  Everyone uses any part of the road they like.  Lines make no difference.  We often pass opposite direction traffic on the left while on the right (correct) side of the road.  Unbelievable!  It seems to work as everyone is patient and courteously pushy, an odd mix.

             We thought we might come home thinner.  However, the food is delicious.  Markets with fresh food are everywhere.  Consumer items seem to be clumped together on street-side shops.  Yesterday, we passed a stretch of 5 or 6 shoe stores all next to each other; later, a stretch with mangos and mangos and more mangos.

             Everyone is every friendly and full of smiles.  We have yet to meet a sourpuss.  We are humbled by the sheer vastness of the poverty here.  It certainly pulls on our hearts to see it all and we haven't even been out of the city yet.

             It's time for breakfast, so I'll write again in a few days.  We miss you all terribly.  Please keep our work here in your prayers!

 Update 2, February 2006

 Good morning, we hope all is well with you!

             First, please let share with you that we missed y'all.  While we were constantly surrounded by wonderful Christian brothers and sisters, our family back here is irreplaceable.  We kept you in our prayers.

             Second, I wish I could accurately convey the feelings and emotions we experienced while in Cambodia.  The Christians there are warm, always smiling and full of life, Spirit-filled life.  Their lives are mostly simple compared to the distractions we are faced with so they seem to get less bogged down.  The other people we encountered were the friendliest non-Americans we have ever met.

             We feel confident that we met the specific objectives of our trip.  We wanted to assist  George and Hilda Carman where we could, encourage those Christians that we met, evangelize at any and every opportunity, determine specifics about the economy and the everyday living expenses we might face once we relocate there and do some site seeing if we could fit it in.  We think we met those objectives in full.

             We have returned from our trip better informed of what resources are necessary for us to have in place before our move overseas.  One of those resources is attitude or spirit.  Along those lines, let me just say that it was very difficult to leave and we can't wait for an opportunity to return.  We really loved the people, the country, the food, the people and the people.  They are so easy to love, especially the children.

             Attending the school (Cambodia Bible Institute, an applicant branch school for Sunset International Bible Institute) that George taught while we were there was a real blessing for us.  It helped us get an idea of what it will be like for us this fall when we attend SIBI in Lubbock.  The students are very eager to learn.  They want to receive the training to better equip them to help their own friends, neighbors and families in the city and the countryside learn about Jesus.  They earnestly want to effectively share the message that can save souls!

             Even though I have presented a devotional or two at Keller, I've never preached a sermon before.  George had warned me before ever going that I would probably be given an opportunity to preach while there.  Well, I got my chance in a big way!  On one particular Sunday, I preached the sermon for the Phnom Penh church in the morning and then a village church in the afternoon (Thumnob Thom - TNT).  Of course, I was humbled by the opportunity and a bit nervous at first, but I chose to let God give me the courage to present His message.  Afterwards, everyone was quite gracious in their encouragements.  Even so, the training I'll get at SIBI will be a tremendous help in structuring an effective sermon.

             We took lots of pictures which I look forward to building some of them into a PowerPoint presentation.  Again, I would love to be able to convey the impact a trip like this can have on a person.  Our prayer is that sharing our experiences helps us all have deeper faith and greater boldness to proclaim salvation through Jesus.

 Update, March 2006

             Howdy Brothers and Sisters, I pray this email finds you full of grace and truth, wrapped in the arms of Jesus and full of abundant life!

             Last evening, Sharon and I attended a Silver Anniversary Banquet, celebrating 25 years for the Cambodian Church of Christ in Balch Springs, Texas (a suburb of Dallas).  Through a very professional DVD presentation, we learned a little of the history of this congregation, some of the struggles they've had to overcome and some of the milestones achieved along the way.  I didn't count the crowd, but there looked to be 200 or more in attendance.  They used the occasion to present a plaque to Pat and Kathleen Brooks for the overwhelming servant leadership they provided in ministering to EVERY need of the first Cambodian refugees to reach Dallas from the refugee camps of Thailand over 25 years ago.  He was very busy about unselfishly giving of himself to bring the gospel to these folks and help them start a local church.

             Dr. Michael Landon presented a short, yet effective devotional about "Hinges in History" and not discounting the small things that can mean much in our walk.  I must have stepped out of the room at the wrong time or not been paying close enough attention because I didn't understand how he was personally connected to the Cambodian Church of Christ or to Cambodia.  However, his message was uplifting and inspiring in light of another focal point of this gathering.

             The church used this occasion to make an impassioned plea for support of mission work to Cambodia.  Sokhom Hun, an elder of this congregation and the leader of their mission effort, shared his personal testimony.  His words were very convicting!  He longs to return to the country and people he once hated to bring them Jesus Christ.  He also introduced two young couples who are actively seeking sponsorship to begin the Lord's work in Phnom Penh too.  Chris & Casey Allison and Andrew & Natalie Hayes hope to receive the funding necessary to begin right away and they, along with Sokhom, could certainly use any help we can give them, not the least of which is our prayers.

             We attended eager to fellowship with as many of the local Cambodian Christians as we could.  We brought along the laptop with all the pictures we had taken in Cambodia with the intention of setting it up somewhere and letting a slide show run for anyone who might enjoy the photos.  Instead, they had someone, who had recently been to Cambodia and was scheduled to give a report, cancel at the last minute and asked us to share our experiences and observations.  It gave me the opportunity to speak about my favorite subject, GOD, and how busy He is in Cambodia.  I gladly shared the work that Sunset International Bible Institute is doing through the Cambodia Bible Institute, by raising up strong leaders for the congregations already there.  It was an honor to tell of the work so many dedicated Christians are doing in Phnom Penh and the surrounding villages.

             As is our track record, we closed the place down visiting with our brothers and sisters.  We look forward to building on the relationships begun last night and serving the local church in any way we can.  This celebration was a great success and left us longing for more opportunities to participate in glorifying God with them.  The next big function is the Cambodian New Year's celebration on April 16th.  Lord willing, we won't miss it.

             I pray these emails are encouraging to each of you.  It is our goal to help strengthen your faith by sharing the experiences of our lives, which help us grow.  We love and admire each of you and thank God you are a part of our family.  Therefore, we long to include you on our journey as we walk in the way, in the light of His love, striving to follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  To Him be the glory and praise, forever!

 Update, April 2006

             Howdy y'all, Happy Easter and Happy New Year!  Confused about the Happy New Year statement?  Please read on.

             I pray my email finds you full of the Spirit of our Lord.  It is such a blessing for us to have relationships like the one's we have with you.  God has blessed us so much with so many like you who are being encouraged and strengthened by the work He is doing in and through all of us.  Praise God!  To Him be the glory, forever!!

             Yesterday, Sharon, our grandson Ethan, and I attended the Cambodian New Year celebration at the property of the Cambodian church of Christ in Balch Springs, Texas.  We had a blast!  It is my understanding that the Cambodians celebrate the New Year from April 13th through the 15th, marking the beginning of the rainy season and the planting of the rice fields.  They have another big celebration after the harvest in the fall.

             At the party yesterday, many of the Cambodians who live in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex attended.  We all enjoyed the beautiful weather for a devotional, a delicious meal of traditional Cambodian foods, entertainment from a band and other solo singers, outdoor games for all ages, many delightful conversations, and much too much fun.  Ethan was worried that he didn't know anyone at the party.  By days end, he was soaking wet from water-balloon fun battles, filthy from romping with the other children and exhausted from all the fun and games.  It wore us out just watching him have so much fun!

             I want to thank our Cambodian brothers and sisters for inviting us to share this event with them.  God was glorified!  Relationships were strengthened.  New ones were established.  Most were encouraged.  I'm convinced all enjoyed the party.  We look forward to our next opportunity to spend time with them again.

             Next up for us is a house hunting trip to Lubbock in late May.  Until then, we have been very busy around our home with getting the house and property spruced-up to put on the market.  There is still much to do to complete our total redirection to life as students in Lubbock for the next two years.  We can only do it through the strength and help of our Lord. 

             I'm now down to about eighty working shifts at DFW Airport.  I'm really going to miss the people and the work.  The people and the career have been such a blessing to me all these years.

             Sharon continues to drive nearly 2 hours from our home to spend a few days nearly every week with her mother, Judy Hornsby.  Judy became a Christian about two years ago and is now in the late stages of inoperable melanoma and lymph node cancer.  Her great faith in the midst of her pain and suffering has been a tremendous blessing to her family at the Whitney Church of Christ and to all of us.  Sharon has really enjoyed serving her and spending these last few precious moments of her life with her.  I am strengthened greatly by the "heavenly perspective" both have maintained through this struggle.  They continue to honor God with their great faith.  Please keep them both in your prayers.

 Update 2, April 2006

             My dad, Paul Welch, just informed me that he now has been diagnosed to have leukemia.  Left untreated, the doctor gives him until the end of the year.  However, he will begin chemotherapy after a port is installed next Wednesday.  He has already begun receiving regular blood transfusions.  If effective, the treatments should improve his length of stay in this life even as he looks forward to the life to come.  He is upbeat and positive that the treatments will be helpful in keeping him around for awhile.  I am confident that with your prayers, we can help him.  I cannot express adequately how much we truly love each of you and the love with which you overwhelm Sharon and me.  Please share in the sufferings of our hearts and pray that God will use this struggle of dad's to bring attention, glory and praise to His Holy Name.  Please pray that this happens through the miraculous healing of dad's leukemia.  Please pray that the side-effects of the chemo will be lessened and that dad endures with a faith-filled positive attitude.  Please pray that mom and the rest of the family's hearts will be quieted as they cope with this new diagnosis and through the treatments.  Please pray for God to give them adequate strength and courage to fight this battle.  Please pray that the faith of our whole family will grow as a result of the time they spend in prayer.

             Please also pray for Sharon and I as we are faced with the realities of our parents' illnesses and other near and dear family struggles in the face of the path God has put before us.  We pray that God will always be the first priority in our lives.  Please pray for our strength to always make that choice to surrender our all to Him even while being pulled by the love we have for family and friends.

 In eternal Christian love from the depths of our souls,

 Dennis & Sharon

 Update, May 2006

             On Monday, May 1, Sharon took her mom to the doctor who then admitted Judy to the hospital for pain management, dehydration, nutritional concerns and other issues related to the spread of cancer in her body.  For the last several days, Judy has been unable to hold anything down and her condition seems to be deteriorating rapidly.  She is not expected to return home and Sharon will remain by her side as much as possible.  Please pray for strength and peace for all concerned.  Sharon might appreciate an encouraging call.  Her cell is 817-239-1214, the room at the hospital 254-675-7221 or at the house in Whitney 254-694-3128.  Judy is in Goodall-Witcher Hospital in Clifton, Texas, Room 221.

             On Monday, May 1, Dennis' mom, Joyce, reports that Paul has completed his first week of chemotherapy for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).  He is quite anemic, requiring blood often.  Now they must wait 3 weeks to see what effect the treatments have made to determine the next step.  Please pray that the treatments have been effective and that all concerned remain physically, emotionally and, most importantly, spiritually strong.

 In God we trust, 

 Update 1, June 2006

 Sharon’s Mom & Dennis’ Dad

             On June 1st, Sharon helped move her mom to Town Hall Estates, a nursing home in Whitney.  Judy continues to get weaker and is in ever increasing pain.  Sharon sees her slipping away a little more each day.  Hospice will now take over her medical care at the nursing home and Sharon will still spend as much time as she can at her side.  We are all so grateful for the supportive Whitney church.  Sharon compares them very favorable to the loving family we share at Keller.  Judy’s new address is:  Judy Hornsby, c/o Town Hall Estates, 101 S. San Marcos St. Rm. 302, Whitney, TX 76692.

            On June 1st, Dennis’ dad, Paul Welch passed from this life after many medical struggles.  We are so grateful for the many prayers lifted up to our Lord on his behalf.  Please continue to pray for our family to rest peacefully in the arms of Jesus in our time of loss.  As of this writing, funeral services in Indianapolis, Indiana are pending.

 Update 2, June 2006

 The arrangements for dad's funeral are 1 p.m. Saturday, June 3rd at the Shirley Brothers Mortuary, 3333 E. Thompson Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46227, phone (317) 783-3315.  We are leaving town shortly with my brother and his family in the motor home, arriving in Indy sometime Friday morning and returning on early Monday…..Lord willing!  We covet your prayers.

 With love in the name of Jesus, 

 Update 3, June 2006

             First, please let me say that I have been remiss at not getting this out to y’all sooner.  It is hard to turn this page in my life.  I know you understand because of the compassion of Jesus so evident in each one of you.  Thanks for your patience with me.

             Next, the number of email replies to the news about our parents has overwhelmed Sharon and I.  Your out-pouring of love, care, concern and comfort in words and prayers has been a great encouragement to us in our time of loss and sorrow.  It comes as no surprise to us that you have demonstrated these qualities of Jesus.  It is just like you to shower us with your blessings.  We thank our God and Savior for each one of you and continue to covet your prayers.

             We returned from Indy on late Monday morning after pulling our second all-nighter of the weekend.  The funeral was very touching and comforting.  It is hard to say good-bye and glad we didn’t need to; just, see you again soon.  The family pulled together in the unity of Christ to carry us through this difficult experience.  Having a Christian family is priceless!

             We pray that as we stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ, our faith, commitment and steadfastness will encourage everyone we touch to focus their hearts, not on us, but on the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.

             May our great and glorious God continue to pour-out His rich and abundant blessings on each one of us! 

 Update, July 2006

             Many of you have been keeping up with the progression of cancer that has been taking the precious life of Judy Hornsby, Sharon’s mother.  Seven years ago, the doctors gave her about three years to live.  She continued to blow their projections out of the water by her faith and trust in the Lord and the strength that He blessed her with to endure.  Sadly, physical death overtook her on Thursday afternoon, July 20, 2006.  She will be sorely missed.  All who new her were blessed by a delightful spirit that endeared everyone to her and reflected the Jesus within her.  We all rejoice that her long battle is over and her suffering will be no more.  We know her Savior and her salvation.  We rejoice in her choice for life, eternal life.  Praise God, Almighty!  A celebration of her life and service will be held on Monday, July 24, at 10:00 am at the Whitney Church of Christ, 109 E. Jefferson, Whitney, Texas 76692, (254) 694-2311.  We pray that all who have been touched by her life will continue to grow in the strength and knowledge of Jesus Christ, even as He lives on in her.  We thank God for all the blessings He has showered upon us.  Specifically, for each of you who are praying that He fill us with His strength and courage to get through the days ahead and that in all ways, we will always glorify and honor Him!

 Update, August, 2006

 For The Glory of GOD!

             We send greetings to you from Lubbock, Texas.  It is good for us to be here (Mark 9:5).  However, we miss every one of you dearly.  Lubbock is exactly as we were informed.  The people are so friendly, the layout of town makes it easy to find our way around, and every place is 10 to 15 minutes or less away.  We are settling in just fine. 

             The congregation at Sunset church of Christ has overwhelmed us with love and care, blessing us with words of encouragement as new SIBI students and with opportunities to serve the congregation and community.  When we arrived here on the 5th, the school arranged for six strong men and some of their wives to help us unload the truck.  Therefore, including Bob & Caleb Templeton, LB Holmes, Jeff Martin, my brother and my nephew whom had not only helped us shuttle vehicles out here, but also came to help unload, there were nearly 20 brothers and sisters baring our burden to unpack the truck and move in.  Thanks y'all!

             We spent most of the first week unpacking boxes and arranging the furnishings.  On Saturday, the 12th, we participated in a door-hanger campaign to get the New Testament on cd or cassette into the hands of the surrounding community and invite them to attend an upcoming “Faith Comes by Hearing” series at the church.  Next, we attended a welcoming picnic for all the new SIBI students hosted by the returning students.  It was great to get acquainted with our new classmates.  Then, we assisted the Youth Deacon, William Tucker, with rope work training for several of the youth in Explorer Scouts who are planning a caving trip this fall.

             Orientation began Monday, the 14th, and included an incredible Chapel Service.  The "Great Commission" was read in about 25 languages with the corresponding country's flag paraded in and displayed.  The lesson charging us students to apply ourselves at school and then "go and make disciples" (Matt 28:19) was particularly moving.

             Now, after a week of classes, we are swamped with assignments and study.  No big surprise, as everyone had told us to expect to be overwhelmed.  The great part is that this is good stuff!  Wow!  The material we received has been awesome.  I think we're going to like SIBI. J It is our prayer that we can retain as much as possible, not for testing, but for bringing glory to God!  With Him, all things are possible!

 Please keep our work in your prayers.  Your humbled servants, Christ's slaves, 

Update, September, 2006

 For The Glory of GOD!

 Greetings from Lubbock, Texas.  It is good for us to be here (Mark 9:5).

 Howdy everyone,

             We pray all is well in your neck of the woods.  We think of you often, regularly remembering you in prayer.  It is indeed a struggle to be so far from you, yet, I pray the distance between us can only be measured in miles.

             All is well for us here.  We survived our first dust storm last week, a real brown out.  Sharon began her training for Emergency Medical Services at South Plains Community College several weeks ago.  By training for EMT/Paramedic, she will be better prepared to serve the physical needs of the Cambodian people. Her studies are difficult and time-consuming with so much ground to cover in just four months.  In addition, she is striving to complete as many courses at Sunset as her other classes allow.  She has an overflowing plate with all the class work, homework and housework she strives to accomplish each week.  She is an amazing lady and has been a true blessing to me.

             I have passed the half-way mark of my first term at Sunset.  I am glad to report I am passing all of these phenomenal classes, so far.  (I have listed the courses I am taking at the end.)  We have really bonded well with our classmates and have become a sort of "small group" like a home Bible Study Small Group.  With diverse backgrounds, they have come from everywhere to grow and learn how to effectively teach and preach the Word of God.  I thank my Lord for every one of them.  Some of them are struggling for support so please pray that the Lord of the harvest will raise-up supporters for them.

             Two of our classes are specifically designed to help us grow in our individual walks with the Lord as we adjust to the torrid pace of this school.  They certainly are important as it would be so easy for us to focus on jamming our heads full of knowledge without applying this new learning in our lives.  I am told Martin Luther once said something like "I have so much to do today; I will need to pray an extra hour this morning just to get it all done."  What great faith!  We must continue to focus on our own spiritual development in the midst of all this great instruction.

             One of the mottos of Sunset is "The sun never sets on the work of Sunset."  Every morning we assemble for a chapel service in a room called the "Flag Room".  It is lined with flags from many countries from around the world.  It was in this room that I recently had the opportunity to give a short presentation on what God is up to Cambodia.  We are earnestly striving to assemble a team to join us in our work over there.  This presentation was one of the ways we can generate interest.

             We really miss our Small Group Home Bible Study and the Tuesday Morning Men's Gathering back in Keller.  Here in Lubbock, I attend a Thursday morning men's breakfast at a local café where all have a meal and then one of the SIBI students gives a short devotional.  We also have initiated two small groups; one with a few of our classmates and the other with the local caving club.  Please pray that God will be able to use us effectively in these ministries.

             We thank every one of you that you remember us and our service for the Lord in your prayers.  We long to see all of you again soon.

 Your servants, Christ's humble slaves, 


·         Historical Christians Evidences - from which I have learned that there is abundant evidence from historical sources that is adequate to prove that the Bible is the Word of God and Jesus is the Son of God.  (My instructor would be so proud I was able to recall this verbatim.)

·         Old Testament History Genesis to Joshua - a survey of the Old Testament.

·         Ministry Practicum - doing typical minister work like evangelism, visitation, acts of kindness, prayer, etc.

·         Confident Preaching - public speaking

·         Fundamentals of Spiritual Formation - Spiritual Disciplines - a course for our own personal walk with the Lord.  It is really helping us grow.

·         Life and Teachings of Jesus - Gospel of Luke - a detailed course on Luke, especially on discipleship and another awesome class for our growth.

·         Intro to Ministry Training - the nuts and bolts of writing papers, doing research, putting together sermons, etc.

I know that all seems like a lot, and it is, but we don't have each of these classes every day.  They hit us hard the first week to set a study pace, yet since then, it hasn't seemed so overwhelming.  We little time for anything else except church. 

 Update, October, 2006

 For The Glory of GOD!

Greetings from Lubbock, Texas.  It is good for us to be here (Mark 9:5).

 Howdy everyone,

             It is our constant prayer that all is well with you.  We pray our Lord is being glorified in your lives like never before.  His grace is so awesome, His love so tender, His wonder so majestic, His wisdom so unsearchable, and His power so boundless.  I am confident He is filling you with His peace daily.

             We have now finished our first terms at Sunset and at South Plains and we managed to pass all our classes.  Sunset is an amazing place.  Daily surrounded by godly men and women so eager to grow and so willing to work hard to achieve this growth is a delight.  It seems so long ago we were controlling air traffic and selling homes, yet it was a few months ago.  Wow! 

             Our classes this term include: Christian Home, Evangelistic Message, Greek, Homiletics, Old Testament History 2, and Interpretive Reading.  They are an exciting and challenging block of courses, demanding much study and memory work.  With the help of the same Spirit that dwells in you, we are confident we shall overcome and complete the work.

             Three weekends ago we attended the World Mission Workshop on the campus of Lubbock Christian University.  We ran into some old friends and met many more new friends.  We are constantly meeting folks interested in serving in Cambodia.  Word is getting out about the receptivity of these down-trodden people.  We long for the day when we can step off the airplane to serve them in service to God.  It breaks our hearts that there are so few workers to tell them about Jesus and His life saving redemption.  Please "…pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers..." (Luke 10:2)

             Does door-knocking still work in the twenty-first century?  A couple of weeks ago, we participated in a door-knocking campaign in the local area around the church building and school.  Check out these statistics: 1138 doors were knocked; 645 were not home; 326 were not interested in taking our survey; 53 Home Bible Studies were set up; 35 Requested Bible Correspondence Courses; 2 wanted to be in a small group Bible Study; and 53 people were interested enough that we need to call them back.  I would love to share more details as to the methods used to achieve this result.  Praise God for His leading us to so many seeking souls.

 Your servants, Christ's humble slaves, 

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